STYLES OF THE LATE 1840s-1850s

NOTE: These photos are from my personal collection.  You are welcome to use them for
educational purposes free of charge. If you are a high-school student or older, please cite them
as coming from the Shanna Duck Private Collection.  If you need a photo for other than your
personal research or educational use, please contact me.
At first glance I was sure this was certainly at least an 1850s
photo, with the woman's mitts and bodice. A message written
behind this photo, however, dates it to 1863. This may just be a
good example of a person wearing an older style.
This is a really nice photo of a young woman in the
1850s. Notice how well-fitting her dress is, and the
way her hair is braided.
Very cute photo of a brother and sister. Notice the
fan-bodice on the girl, and the boy's collar.
Mother and daugher.  Like many of the little girls,
this girl's hair is cut short. The mother's hair is in
the popular smooth "wings" of the late 1840s.
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Getting good copies of daguerrotypes
is sometimes hard.  I'll try to upload a
better one of this when I get a chance.
1850s young woman with spaniel curls
and wide sleeves.  Open bodice over