E1. English

Subjects and Verbs Review.

Underline the subject or subjects. Circle the verb or verbs.

1) Grandma knitted.

2)  Billy and Susan ran.

3) The goat  jumped and kicked.

4) Clarissa smiled and laughed.

E2  Adjectives Review. Underline the adjectives in this sentence.

1) Mrs. Ingalls made Mary a beautiful cashmere dress.

E3.  Adverb Review  Underline the adverbs in this sentence.

1) The cotton gin quickly and thoroughly removed the seeds from the cotton.

E4  Pronoun Review:  Remember, pronouns take the place of a noun.  Replace the nouns in bold
print with pronouns.

1) Jake and Susan went to the store to see Jake's new suit.

 Jennifer hired Mrs. Jones to make her wedding dress.  

E5 Helping Verbs.  Some verbs need a helper:  These "helping verbs" are words like "is, am, are, was, were,
be, being, been, does, does, did, has, have, had, may, might, must, shall, will, should, would, can, could"  In the
sentences below, underline the helping verb and the main verb. (If the sentence is a questions, turn it into a
statement to help find the helping verb.)

1) We were going to buy the fabric.

2) Jenny was spinning the wool into thread.

3) Grandmother was knitting a sock.

4) I am carding the cotton.

5) We were weaving a coverlet.

6) Does John have a good suit?

7) No, he does not have a good suit.

8) We must make one for him!

9) Shall I start on it today?

10) Will we make it from linen?

11) No, we must make it from wool.

12) Linen would be too cold for winter.

13) It will be cold this winter.

14) Did John tear his old suit?

15) No, he did not tear it.

E6  Punctuation:  Periods, Exclamation Points, and Question Marks.

1)  Women sewed most of the clothing for their children

2)  Did girls learn to sew

3) Yes, many girls learned to sew when they were very young

4) Do you know how to sew

5) I can knit, but I cannot sew

6) Ouch     I stuck the needle into my finger.