F1. Arithmetic

a.  If you buy 3 spools of red thread, and 5 spools of blue thread, how much thread do you have in all?

b.  Mrs. Keith wove 10 yards of brown fabric,  5 yards of blue fabric,  and 8 yards of white fabric. How many
yards did she weave in all?

c. There were 25 yards of fabric on one bolt and 17 yards on the other bolt.  How many yards were there in all?

d. Lena had to hem her dress. It was 38" around the hem.  Then she had to hem her sleeves. Each sleeve was
16" around.  (Remember that there were 2 sleeves.) How many inches did she hem in all?

F2. Subtraction

a. Mr. Franks had a bolt of woolen fabric that had 16 yards of fabric on it.   Mrs. Lewis came in and bought 5
yards.  Then Jenny Keith came in and bought 2 yards.  How much fabric did Mr. Franks have left?

b. Mrs. Jinks warped her loom with a 20-yard warp.   She wove 8 yards for a dress for her daughter. How much
warp does she have left?

c. Mr. Farmer sheared 48 pounds of wool from his sheep this year.  Mrs. Farmer took 12 pounds to make
clothes for the family,  and then they sold 18 pounds to a neighbor.  Now Mr. Franks wants to buy 25 pounds.  
Does Mr. Farmer have enough wool to sell him?

d. Mr. Farmer sheared his sheep.  The fleece weighed 10 pounds.  Of that 10 pounds, 3 pounds of wool had to
be thrown away because it was dirty.  How much wool is left?

e.  Davis picked 50 pounds of cotton the first day he went to the field.  His father picked 326 pounds.  How much
LESS cotton did Davis pick?

F3. Fractions

a. Mr. Farmer has 12 sheep.  1/4 of them are gray.  How many are gray?

b. Mrs. Farmer spun 800 yards of woolen thread.  She spun half as much cotton thread. How much cotton thread
did she spin?

c. Mrs. Franks bought 1/8 of a yard of red fabric and 1/4 of a yard of blue fabric.  Which was bigger?

d. Add  1/7  +  4/7

e. Mrs. Franks needed 7 1/2 yards of fabric for her dress, and 5 1/2 yards for a matching dress for her
daughter.  How much did she need in all?

f.  1/4  is the same as which fraction?   4/8        3/6       3/7      8/9

F4. Multiplication

a. Mr. Farmer has 20 rows of cotton.  If each row has 100 cotton plants on it, how many plants does he have in

b. Mrs. Abbot is making some mittens.  She needs 2 balls of yarn for each mitten.  If she makes 4 mittens, how
many balls of yarn will she need?

c. Mrs. Franks is making her daughter's dress. The hem of the dress is 40" around.  Mrs. Franks wants to make
a very full ruffle that is twice that long.  How long will the ruffle be?

d. Mr. Farmer has 12 sheep.  Only 8 of these sheep are ewes (mother sheep.) Each ewe this year had 2 lambs.
How many lambs were there in all?

F5 Division

a.  Mr. Farmer kept some of his lambs and now he has 20 ewes.  He has 2 rams and he wants to divide up his
ewes evenly between the rams. How many ewes will go with each ram?

b. If Joby Farmer bought 20 bags of feed and paid $10,  how much did each bag of feed cost?

c. Mrs. Weaver has 88 lbs of wool yarn.  She needs an equal amount of red, green, brown, and blue yarn. How
many lbs of yarn will she dye in each color?

d.  Mrs. Keith has twin daughters. She has 14 yards of calico.  If she makes the same dress for each girl, how
much fabric does she have to use for each?

F6  Multi-step and Misc.

a. Mrs. Weaver wove 15 yards of woolen fabric.  If the wool shrinks by 1/3 (33%) when fulled, how long will the
fabric be?

b. 50% is the same as which fraction?     1/4           1/8         1/2          5/8

c.  If Mr. Farmer plants 30 acres, and 50% of this land is planted in cotton, how many acres are planted in

d. Mrs. Weaver is trying to figure how much warp she would need.   She needs 12 yards of fabric.  She needs an
extra yard of warp to tie onto the loom.  How long should her warp be?

e. Mrs. Spinner has spun 48 yards of yarn.  If a yard is 3 feet, how many feet of yarn does she have?

f. Mr. Farmer needs a barn for his sheep.  We wants a barn that is 20 feet X  30 feet.  How many square feet is
this?  (Area)