E. English Practice

E1) Find verbs in each sentence and underline them. You might also diagram the sentences.

a) Horses

b) Rafts float.

c) Oxen pull.

d) People walk.

E2)  The Verbs of Being.   Some verbs are not  exactly  "action works." Instead, they denote states of being. Some
of these words are: is,  am , are, was, were, be, being, been.
Underling the verb of being in each sentence.

1) Mules are strong.

2) Oxen are slow.

3) John is a boy.

4) The Mittie Stevens was a steamboat.

5) I am a student.

E3)  Adjectives describe nouns. Adjectives can tell what kind of, what color, how large, and how many.  Write an
adjective for each noun.

1)  _________________________  kitten

2) __________________________ horse

3) __________________________ steamboat

4) __________________________ river

5) __________________________  wagon

6) ___________________________ road

E4) Underline the adjectives in these phrases from Laura Ingalls Wilder's By the Shores of Silver Lake.

1) red velvet seats

2) round front window

3) dark suit

4) white lace collar

5) green glass knobs

6) shining brass buttons

E5) Articles. The words "a, an, the" are in a special group of adjectives called articles.  "The" is called a definite
article, because it is used to denote a certain thing.  "We went to the train station."

"A" and "an" are called
indefinite articles because they do not refer to a certain thing. "We went to a train

We use "a" before a word beginning with a consonant
sound and "an" before a word beginning with a vowel
sound.  For instance, we would say "an hour" even though hour begins with a consonant.

Underline the articles in these sentences:

The young horse pulled the cart.

2) The horse heard the train whistle.

3) Then he saw a young boy on a bicycle.

4) He shook with fear, but the driver got down to calm him.

5) An hour passed before the horse would go to the station.

E6) Capitalization
We capitalize proper nouns (names) of people, places and things. For instance, we capitalize "Mississippi River,"
because it is a name of a specific river.  We capitalize the name Bobby because it is a boy's name.
Circle the letters that need to be capitalized in the following words.

1) dog                        2) luke                        3) red river                4) lake                5) mountain

6) mt. rushmore                7) george                8) man                9) robert fulton            10)  erie canal

E7) Creative Writing:  Write or narrate a story about traveling through the forest at night and the dangers you
encountered there.  You may choose to write the story as if it is happening now (in the present), or if it happened
in the past.