A Humorous Guide to Great Goat
Why does everyone have to scratch when it's photo time?.....and someone's
muzzle is always in the way!
Above: The perfect shot can be ruined by a jealous herd-mate!  
Left: Some goats are so friendly that taking  
pictures of them is really hard!
Then there are the normal "photo problems."

"Hey, my eyes were closed!"
"I'm making a weird face!"
You could TRY to pose your goats in elegant
show stances.
"Whatcha doin', Mom?"
And be sure you don't scare any kids with
the flash.
Goat-herders all want great  pictures of their herd....majestic bucks, graceful does and adorable kids. But sometimes things just don't
turn out the way we plan.

Join us for a humorous look at goat photography.
"Are you my Mom?"
Now for the pose.....
OR try to get some pictures of them in their
natural goaty activities..... which aren't always
good for business.
"Is that edible?"
Friendly goats can be a challenge to
photograph because they want to come and
First, choose a photogenic subject, like Loki-goat below.

When you get that once-in-a-lifetime shot, 10 to 1 someone
will look scruffy in the photo, or there will be something
unattractive in the background.

(Of course, that's where Photoshop comes in handy.)
Finally, try to catch your goat when s/he is
(No, this photo is not enhanced)