Sorting the Sheep From the Goats!
Sheep are white, fluffy things while goats have horns, right? Not always!  Some of the primitive
sheep and goats look VERY much alike, at least from a distance.

Both sheep and goats may or may not have horns. Both are ruminants (they have 4 stomachs or 4
chambers to their stomach.) Both have dental pads rather than an upper set of teeth in front. Both
make a bleating noise and both may butt or ram.

What's the difference?
Goats: Often stand on their hind legs when eating; are more independent than sheep and are
primarily browsers (they eat leaves.)
Sheep: Usually stand on all four legs; most breeds of sheep are strongly flock animals and sheep
usually like to eat grass. There are also some other nutritional differences.

Faith is an Angora goat. Her soft,
lustrious hair is called mohair. Mohair is
used for making clothing, rugs and
Anastasia is a Nigerian Dwarf goat. Nigerian
Dwarfs are miniature milk goats. ND bucks (male
goats) can't be over 23" tall at the shoulder. NDs
give milk that is extremely rich in butterfat. ND's
often have horns, but the horns on most milk
goats are removed to prevent injury.
Raspberry is a Boer-Nubian cross.
Nubians are probably the most popular
milk goats in the U.S., while Boers
were bred to be a meat goat. Both
Boers and Nubians have long, floppy
Sprite is part LaMancha, a dairy goat breed.
The LaMancha goats are very easy to spot: their
ears are very tiny or they may have no ears at
all! While this seems funny, LaMancha owners
say, "You don't milk the ears!"
Odin the White is a Pgymy goat. Pygmy
goats are often confused with Nigerian
Dwarf goats, but the two breeds look
very different. Pygmy goats are short and
stout. Odin, and many other goats, have
a very soft undercoat called cashmere.
Cashmere is combed out and then used
to make luxury garments.
Clara is a large milk goat, probably with
Saanen blood in her background.
Saanen goats are very large and are
excellent milkers. Until recently, only white
or cream-colored Saanens were accepted
for registry. .