With the passing of our Shetland ram, Alexander, Jacob (above) had to
take over the duties of herd sire.  He was undaunted by the
responsibility, and gave us some beautiful, sturdy lambs.
Shadow was born in 09.  At three days
old, she only weighed 1.8 lbs and was
too short to nurse Mama.    But this
spunky little girl, when fed on a bottle,
grew into a sturdy ewe.

As a lamb, she looked like a stuffed
animal and slept in a basket in the
house. She visited the nursing home
and even appeared in an historical

Shadow now lives with the Johnson
family as a pet.
Argos, the Sheland Ram.  He was a BAAAD
boy and had to find a new home.

NEVER turn your back on a ram.....
We keep a flock of about twenty Jacob-Shetland
mixed sheep.